2 gathering of birches.jpg

#2 Gathering of Birches

About 50 paces from the head of the trail, you'll find black birches (Betula lenta) gathered along the trail, with the trail marker on the east (right) side of the trail. Notice the pale grey bark with dark vertical fissures and horizontal markings (lenticels). Look for birch leaves on the ground, identified by their oval shape and finely serrated edges (margins).

3 white pine.jpg

#3 White Pine Line-Up

Proceed about 30 paces to several sizable white pines (Pinus strobus) strung along the west (right) side of the path. These trees are representative in size and stature of the abundant white pines in this park. The ground beneath these and other pines is soft and inviting due in part to the accumulation of spent pine needles (reddish brown pine duff) and other debris. Look for other white pines as you continue this walk, which you can identify by their long, soft needles, usually clustered in bundles of five.