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It takes a community to plant and care for our public trees.
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What a great turn-out at our tree planting event - from residents and neighbors to Boy Scout Troop 5, so many people showed up with smiles on their faces and shovels in their hands.

In all we planted 25 trees, all of which were grown at Greenfield Tree Committee's tree nursery.

Residents had the chance to choose the type of tree planted on their public tree belt - and some even accepted trees in their front yards.

Watering is being overseen by our group, with help from residents, so no watering demands will be placed on our DPW.

Want to have an event like this in your neighborhood? Talk to your neighbors to build interest and the contact us to see if we can schedule your neighborhood to be our next tree planting event!

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Check out Trees of Highland Park walking tour!

Take a walking - or virtual - tour of diverse trees located in the 29-acre Highland Park, located off of Highland Avenue and Parkway. This approximately 1-mile loop is relatively easy, but wear sturdy shoes for some rocky terrain. To navigate, follow the numbered icons on this map and the corresponding signs on the trees. Please park in the gravel parking area near Highland Pond if arriving by car, and look for the first tour sign at the head of the trail to the left of the Highland Park portrait sign. 

Take the tour - you'll be delighted you did.


Great news! An ambitious project to plant about 800 trees in Greenfield in the next few years is being supported by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service. DPW's tree planting crew is working incredibly hard to meet the tree planting goals of the project and GTC continues to hold their neighborhood tree planting events to contribute to that goal. Since the grant award in 20218, over 600 trees have been planted, in spite of COVID challenges. 2022 promises to be another busy tree planting year.

To request a shade tree for your front yard or tree belt, contact the Greenfield DPW at (413) 772-1528.

Greenfield Public Trees: Taking Stock and Planting
for Our Future
--- Presented May 26  ---
Do you love trees?  Do you ever wonder what kind of trees are growing along Greenfield streets, how many there are or what condition they are in? Have you wondered about all the new trees being planted around Greenfield?
Greenfield Tree Committee will answer these questions and more in this presentation, sharing findings of their 2020 public tree inventory, tree planting challenges and success stories. Hear about Greenfield’s current tree planting efforts and ideas about how you can join their tree planting movement to plant 1,000 trees by 2025 -- to add shade, beauty and habitat, and to combat climate change in our community.
Presented by Greenfield Tree Committee and co-hosted by Greening Greenfield
Watch our 2021 neighborhood tree planting video!
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Looking for a way to make a difference in your community? Why not join the Greenfield Tree Committee?


We welcome all kinds of members....tree lovers...dirt creators... naturalists and more. 


Interested? Click on the contact tab above and send us a message to let us know you are interested! 

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