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In 1998, Carolyn MacLellan founded the “Greening of Greenfield,” which was renamed in 2008 as the “Greenfield Tree Committee.”  In 1999, with funds from the state, Greenfield put in a new downtown streetscape. In 2002, under Carolyn MacLellan’s leadership, Greenfield became designated as a “Tree City” by the Arbor Day Foundation, a distinction that it has been renewed each year since that time.




Our all-volunteer organization grows & cares for primarily native trees, planting in them public spaces in Greenfield for the purpose of climate resilience, wildlife habitat & human well being. We focus on low-income areas of Greenfield and engage community members in planting and caring for trees. Greenfield Tree Committee, comprised of nearly 20 community members, relies on donations and grants to keep our highly successful tree-growing and tree- planting initiative thriving for our community.


Join today!

We welcome citizens interested in trees to join our Committee. We meet once a month. While expertise in a number of areas is welcome, none is necessary.

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